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Digital Scouting Report

Digital scouting using data and video analysis is now an integral part of player recruitment in professional football.

Not every club, certainly in the lower leagues have the resources to employ full time recruitment analysts and so will still rely on traditional methods. This isn't to say that traditional methods don't have a place in the game anymore, if anything it's quite the opposite.

Having eyes on knowledge of a player is still as important as ever. Our digital scouting reports are designed to help clubs identify a players attributes, strengths and areas for future development prior to any eyes on assessment.

By understanding your player recruitment criteria we at Analysts Bar are able to use data and our underpinning scouting experience to identify a number of recruitment options.

Each digital scouting report will include all the information necessary to allow you as a club to shortlist and dismiss a number of targets prior to incurring any costs for traditional eyes on scouting.

We recently identified George Harmon as a player to keep an eye on and undertook a digital scouting report on him.

Harmon is a left sided player who spent last season at National League South side Oxford City and his performances have since earned him a move to Ross County in the Scottish Premiership.

We should add that despite creating this report in May 2022 we played no part in Harmon's recent transfer.

Our example digital scouting report on George Harmon is available to download for free. Simply clink on the link below and follow the instructions.

To find out more about Analysts Bar you can follow us on Twitter @AnalystsBar or find us on LinkedIn here

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